This is documentation for Rasa X Documentation v1.0.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (1.1.x).

Version: 1.0.x

Installation Guide

License Terms

For the use of Rasa X the Rasa X License Terms apply. For the use of Rasa Enterprise the Rasa Enterprise License Terms apply.

Rasa X / Enterprise can be installed on a single machine or on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster. There are additionally specific installation instructions for the major cloud providers. Consider which of the descriptions below best describe your situation and choose an installation method accordingly.


Please see the system requirements for the minimum hardware, software, and additional requirements to support Rasa X / Enterprise before continuing on to the installation methods.

Installation Methods

Based on your needs and platform, choose one of the following available methods to install Rasa X:

Use CaseInstallsInstallation method
- Local or test installation
- Development of Rasa assistant
- Installation on a single machine
- No high availability and scalability required
Rasa X / EnterpriseRasa Ephemeral Installer(REI)
- You're installing Rasa Enterprise
- High availability and scalability required
- High deployment customization
Rasa X / EnterpriseHelm charts

Please see the page on Connecting Rasa Open Source to Rasa X to learn how to connect a Rasa Open Source server to your Rasa X deployment

Deprecated Installation Methods


The installation methods below are deprecated and will be removed in the Rasa X 1.1 release.

RequirementsInstallsInstallation method
- Local or test installationRasa X and Rasa Open Source serverLocal Mode
- Local installation by using docker-composeRasa X and Rasa Open Source serverDocker Compose

Installation Instructions per Cloud Provider

There are platform-specific instructions for installing Rasa X on major cloud providers:

Cloud providerDescription
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Google Kubernetes Engine(Helm) Install Rasa X on a GKE Cluster in GCP.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Compute Engine(Rasa Ephemeral Installer) Install Rasa X on a VM in GCP.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)(Helm) Install Rasa X on a EKS Cluster in AWS.