Version: 1.1.x

Create / Update Rasa X Users

You can either create users from the UI, or on the command line from within the Rasa X pod. The instructions below are for creating or updating users on the command line from within the Rasa X pod.

  1. Get the name of the Rasa X pod:
kubectl --namespace <your namespace> \
get pod -l
# The output should be similar to this
rasa-rasa-x-6dcf57bb45-jnt4f 1/1 Running 2 17h

rasa-rasa-x-6dcf57bb45-jnt4f is in our case the name of the Rasa X container.

  1. Connect to the shell of this pod:
kubectl --namespace <your namespace> \
exec -it <name of the Rasa X pod> bash
  1. Rasa Enterprise only: Run the following command to create a new user. Please see Role-Based Access Control for available default roles.

    python scripts/ create <username> <password> <role>
  2. To update the password of an existing user (by default, the username for the single Rasa X user is admin and its role is admin) run the following command:

    python scripts/ create --update <username> <password> <role>

If you created a deployment via rasactl, the namespace name is the same as a deployment name. You can use the rasactl list command to display available deployments.