Version: 1.1.x

Installation Guide

License Terms

For the use of Rasa X the Rasa X License Terms apply. For the use of Rasa Enterprise the Rasa Enterprise License Terms apply.

Deployment Method

Rasa X / Enterprise can be installed on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster using the Rasa X Helm Chart.

Deployment Tools

Rasa Ephemeral Installer

For local or test deployments, you can use Rasa Ephemeral Installer(REI) to set up a single-machine Kubernetes cluster on which you can then install Rasa X using the Rasa X Helm Chart. See the usage instructions for REI.


rasactl is a command line tool for deploying Rasa X and for managing Rasa X deployments. See the repo README for more information.


Please see the system requirements for the minimum hardware, software, and additional requirements to support deploying Rasa X / Enterprise.

Removed Installation Methods


The installation methods below were deprecated in Rasa X 1.0 and are removed as of Rasa X 1.1.